Protect Your Bet and Ensure Your Winnings!

Protect Your Bet and Ensure Your Winnings!

How Does It Operate?

  • Insure any single or accumulator bet.
  • Opt for bet insurance during bet selection.
  • The insurance cost will be automatically calculated within the bet slip.
  • If the bet wins, all winnings belong to you.
  • In case of loss, the insured amount is instantly refunded to your account.
  • Enjoy the game with peace of mind, ensuring a win-win situation.


  • The Promotion starts from September 10, 2020.
  • Only users with an account on are eligible.
  • Bet insurance is a paid service ensuring no loss on a bet.
  • The insurance cost depends on the current event odds.
  • Insurance allows receiving all winnings if the bet wins or a refund of the insured amount if the bet loses.
  • Multiple insurances can be purchased for the same bet, up to 100% of the bet amount.
  • Insurance can be obtained in the betting history section during a match, if available.
  • If an insured bet loses, the insured part of the bet is refunded.
  • Insurance is applicable for single and accumulator bets placed with the Participant’s funds.
  • Participants can accept or decline the offered insurance conditions.
  • Issued insurance cannot be canceled, nor applied to settled events.
  • Bets made with bonus funds, free bets, or promo codes are ineligible for insurance.
  • The Promotion Organizer reserves the right to terminate or cancel the service due to technical issues
  • The Promotion Organizer determines eligible bets for insurance and is not liable for service unavailability due to technical failures.
  • Disputes are resolved by the Promotion Organizer, with decisions being final and non-appealable.
  • Fraud or money laundering may lead to prize withdrawal and additional measures.
  • Terms and conditions may be updated during or after the Promotion period.


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