• To join the Programme, register on the MOSTBET website.
  • Navigate to the section in your profile.
  • Accomplish engaging tasks and receive deserving bonuses!


  • Disputes resolved by the Promotion Organiser; decisions are final and binding.
  • Organiser reserves right to withdraw prizes in case of fraud or money laundering; violations result in participation cancellation.
  • Verification procedure may be conducted for gaming account owners.
  • Terms and conditions subject to amendments during or outside the promotion period.
  • MOSTBET LOYALTY PROGRAMME (PROMOTION): A marketing event organized for a specified period and participants by the Promotion Organiser.
  • BONUS POINTS (POINTS): Bonus units credited to the Participant’s Bonus account after Mostbet-coins conversion, usable for sports betting.
  • BONUS ACCOUNT: A personal account automatically opened for each Participant at the beginning of the Promotion.
  • MOSTBET-COINS: Points exchangeable for bonuses for sports betting within the Mostbet Loyalty Programme.
  • ODDS MULTIPLIER: Multiplier based on odds in a Participant’s betting slip, affecting Mostbet-coins calculation.
  • LEVEL: Each Participant’s ranking determined by achievements/events completed; levels require fulfilling achievements.
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Specific actions to complete for receiving free bets and advancing to higher Promotion levels.
  • FREE BET: Complimentary bet usable within specified parameters and validity period.
  • Mostbet-coins awarded for each losing voucher in Sports or TOTO, calculated based on odds multiplier.
  • Participants can exchange Mostbet-coins for betting bonuses; exchange rate depends on the Participant’s level.
  • Mostbet-coins not awarded for certain types of bets, such as those placed with free bets or received through promo codes.


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