Cash Out

Cash Out

Claim your winnings instantly through our exclusive ‘Cash Out‘ feature. It’s incredibly straightforward – no more waiting for calculations!

How to Participate:

  1. Access your Bet History.
  2. Utilize the Cash Out feature.
  3. Receive your funds promptly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Navigate to the “Bet History” section.
  • Click on the indicated amount next to the chosen bet.
  • Confirm your selection in the opened window.
  • Your funds will be instantly added to your balance, and the cashed-out amount will no longer be subject to further calculation.
  • In cases where only a portion of the bet is cashed out, the remaining amount is treated as a regular bet.
  • The paid-out amount may vary, either being higher or lower than the original bet amount. This discrepancy depends on factors such as the bet type, amount, number of winning combinations, time of the final calculation, and current odds.
  • SOL Casino reserves the right to modify the promotion rules at any time without prior notice. All updates will be communicated by posting a revised version of the Rules on the website. Users are responsible for regularly checking the current terms of the promotion.


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